Precision Rifle III

4 Days – $1599.98

The Precision Rifle Level III is where all your knowledge, experience and training is pushed to the next level. This course is about extreme long range, and is heavy in advance theory of long range shooting, and gives the students the skills to engage targets out to ranges which normally aren’t attainable. Our range has steel targets from 200 to 4000 Meters, so we can push you and your rifle as far you’re capabilities will allow. Below are several topics that you will cover.
  • Theory of long range rifles
  • Advanced ballistics
  • Skill of reading wind
  • Advanced long range field firing exercises
  • Long range spotting exercises
  • Integrated use of ballistic computers, laser range finders, wind meters

We Highly recommend bringing your own rifle, ammo, and equipment. If you don’t own your own gear, please check out our Rental Packages of quality Optics, like Leupold,  Precision Rifles from Cadex Defence, and Hornady ammunition.

Download Joining Instructions for the RFMA Precision Rifle Level III Course

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