Precision Rifle II

4 Days – $1599.98

The Precision Rifle Level II course is a continuation of our Level I, which is the foundation of our shooting program. On the Level II course you will learn more advanced shooting skills (Positional & shooting from Tri-Pod), and cover topics such as selecting the right equipment, and employing ballistic software. Students will also enjoy ample time on the range getting one on one instructor time, while gaining the confidence and skill to engage targets up to 1600 meters (1 Mile).

  • In-depth lectures on use of Kestrel wind meters w/ AB
  • Judging distance
  • Moving targets
  • Wind estimation
  • Advanced optics
  • Theory of ballistic computers, laser range finders, and spotting scopes

We Highly recommend bringing your own rifle, ammo, and equipment. If you don’t own your own gear, please check out our Rental Packages of quality Optics, like Leupold, Ā Precision Rifles from Cadex Defence, and Hornady ammunition.

Joining Instructions for the RFMA Precision Rifle Level II Course

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