About Us

RFMA was founded in 2012 with the intent of introducing world class training to the private market. Since its inception, the founders have ensured that training, instructors and employees are current, relevant and come from the highest tiers of their respective fields. Only through correct training, can an individual, group or company reach their highest proficiency. Whether that be a civilian wishing to push their competitive shooting abilities to the next level, a law enforcement agency wanting to give their members the most current training, or a military/government agency that needs specific skillsets, RFMA will deliver results.

RFMA also employs personnel in various roles and environments around the world. The company offers a broad spectrum of security and consulting services that can meet the unique requirements of clients, no matter the time, or the location.

RFMA provides the right people, the right tools, and the right training to ensure success.

“Train today, excel tomorrow.”


RFMA intends to maintain its current relevancy while aggressively expanding into diverse work around the world. Through strategic partnerships and relationships, the company will continue to overachieve and constantly adapt and improve. As a company, RFMA will always be ready to deploy trainers, mentors, security personnel and consultants to any situation at any time.

“Eyes forward.”