CADEX Kraken multi–Caliber Course

2 Days – $849.98

Our Cadex Kraken course is a one of a kind custom course designed specifically for owners of the CADEX Multi-Caliber rifle. This training will allow the shooter to get the most from owning a Multi-Caliber rifle. This is a FREE course for all those who have purchased at least a two barrel Kraken system, but anyone can register to attend. We also offer a rental program for those looking to try the Kraken Multi-Caliber rifle system.

***If you purchased your Kraken through RFMA and wish to register for the course, you must e-mail us at to registered at no cost***

Topics covered during training:

  • Identify and understand the tools and components of the Kraken Multi-Caliber rifle system
  • Barrel swap vs a complete caliber change
  • Tool procedures
  • Proper zeroing procedures
  • Determining, and utilizing offsets
  • Maintenance

Download Joining Instructions for RFMA Cadex Multi-Caliber Course

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