High Angle Precision

4 Days – $1799.98

Our High Angle Precision course takes place in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Alberta. Students and their equipment will be inserted and extracted daily by helicopter to and from our predetermined slant angle shooting location. During this course, students will learn the theory of slant angle shooting, and the techniques used by RFMA to engage targets from 200M to 2600M at angles up to -40 deg. This is an intermediate level course and attending students must have completed the RFMA Precision Rifle Level I course or equivalent from a reputable source.

Topics covered during the training:

  • Use and theory of the Kestrel 5700 with AB
  • Theory of slant angle
  • Determining Cosine
  • Katabatic wind vs Anabatic wind
  • Effects of Thermal lifts
  • Slant angle spotting techniques
  • Positional slant angle shooting

Download Joining Instructions for the RFMA High Angle Precision Course

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