Wilderness Enhancement

3 Days – $999.98

The Wilderness Enhancement course is one of our newer courses that is designed for the outdoors person or soon to be outdoors person to enhance your skills and confidence in the wilderness.  We provide our students with the proper planning fundamentals and basic skills that will allow you the ability, and confidence to plan, pack / prepare and navigate in the wilderness. It is these basic fundamentals that allow an outdoorsperson to confidently, and safely enter the woods on a trip knowing exactly what it is they are going to do, where they are going to do it and how it is going to be done.  This course is three days in length in the back country in the Nordegg AB area with the first day being theory, then two days of practical application of navigation and an overnight back country camping option on night two.

If you are a new or seasoned hunter, a new back packer or a family that is tired of the city and wants to get out into the woods and crate your own adventure, then this course is for you!

Below are some of the topics that will be covered on the Wilderness Enhancement course.

  • Planning steps for a wilderness trip
  • Packing for a day trip, overnight and prolonged trip in the wilderness
  • Topographical maps and their information
  • Plotting your location on a map
  • The magnetic compass
  • Taking a bearing on a compass
  • Pacing distance on the ground
  • Lots of navigation in the back country
  • Improvised shelters
  • Theory of Global Positioning Systems(GPS)

With the intent of planning and basic fundamentals, this training is not a bush craft survival course, instead it is a course to avoid the emergency situations by giving you the tools needed and enhancing our skills and abilities to avoid a bad situation should things go wrong.

We Highly recommend bringing your own camping, hiking, navigation equipment. If you don’t own your own gear, please check out our Rental Packages of quality equipment if needed.

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