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Delta V© Software


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Professional Grade Software to Solve the Difficult Trajectory Problem

Elevation is given in terms of an MOA adjustment and actual turret solution; windage is output in terms MOA for scope adjustment and Mils for a wind correction hold-off with a mil-dot scope; lead is the hold-off correction needed for a moving target given in terms of MOA or Mils for use with a mil-dot scope.

Software Features

Preset data (pressure, temperature, humidity and bullet parameters) needed for calculations may be input manually or from data files
Field inputs are wind speed and direction; target range, speed, heading and shot angle
Outputs are Elevation in Mil or MOA, Windage in Mil or MOA, Lead in Mil or MOA; solution also converted to elevation and windage turret solutions corrected for turret click error
Select Imperial or metric input/output
Range calculation files directly from rangefinder, or map files using Latitude/ Longitude, UTM or MGRS coordinates
Trajectory table at user selectable range increments listing, for each range, turret setting, time of flight, bullet velocity, elevation (both from zero and hold-off elevation from current target), windage and lead in Mils and MOA
Target list and firing solutions for multiple target engagement
Multiple wind vector capability for switching winds over the course of fire
Offset profiles for accounting for change of POI due to changes in ammunition, position or shooter
Tools to compute ballistic coefficient, scope calibration, field zero confirmation, muzzle velocity from chronograph data or range fire (POI), and calculator
Summary page to see current program state; reference section for commonly used equations and conversion factors; conversion factor page: length, speed, weight, pressure, etc.
Interface for Kestrel® 4500 weather meter, Vector and PLRF-C rangefinder units for direct, automated input of atmospheric data and range, bearing, and angle of targets

This program can be purchased only on an SD or micro-SD card; it will run ONLY on PDAs that come equipped with an SD port. It will not function in an adapter used for other ports. The operating system on the PDA must be, at a minimum, WM 5.0 or above. An evaluation version is not available, but you may download the manual to review the software’s features and tools.

The 16 & 32 Gigabyte cards are “special order” and may delay shipment of card.


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