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The  CDX-33 (.338 Lapua) Patriot Lite rifles combine all mandatory features that a Shooter needs in the field. Nothing is left to chance and every detail has been designed to offer the best extreme range sub-minute rifle system on the market. The CDX-Lite precision rifle will be your most reliable partner.

1 review for CADEX CDX-338

  1. William

    This rifle absolutely blew me away right from the beginning. The slick design to the features such as the foldable stock which allows for easy transport in a backpack or case, or how the chassis protect the free floating barrel. I have shot several different 338’s over the years and non of them compared to the performance of the Patriot. The CDX-33 was so pleasant to fire, I thought I was firing a .308. With an astonishing 14.5lbs the rifle virtually weighs nothing to the end user. We engaged targets at 300, 600 and 900 with first round hits and then sent down another 800 rounds at the 1400 meter target. We have multiple shooters get down behind the rifle and absolutely no misses, regardless of the users experience. There is no other rifle on the market that remotely compares to this tack driver. If you are serious about a precision rifle, this is the only option for a mid range sniper rifle.

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